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Before they were packed away—

Image of a rag doll who is suddenly released from the dark after 60 years.


26.5" X 26.5", 300 DPI, RGB, JPG

Toys are empathetic, they are made to love and comfort and in turn to be loved and cherished. "In The Beginning" is the portrait of rag dolls and animals that were cherished. Before the moments when their best friends, little girls and boys, decided they outgrew their dolls and stuffed animals. They stowed them away, for many reasons. Barbie is known to be the cause of many premature exiles. Who could hug a Barbie without injury from sharp points and many dolls suffered because of her. Sometimes the rag dolls were relegated to the closet or in the garage in a box, or even an attic. Kept in the dark for 60 years, forgotten and unloved, things change. A toy's authentic personality is revealed. This is a portrait of the toys before the darkness.

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