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Yup, this is Marik's glamour shot.

Nothing is certain but change...


 Marik wants her art to enhance the viewers level of perception, or please their personal aesthetic or make them question reality.

Or does the piece make them laugh?" Laughing is good.

Then there is another side of her, which loves to shake things up.


Rabit, the rabbit, isn't really raging, she's just drawn that way. Her heart is in the right...oops, wait, her heart isn't in the right place! Probably ripped from her alter ego after one too many Photoshop program updates. It is easy to see that Berghs is drawn to nature. She identifies with rabbits and had been know to answer to Ragiin' Rabit, Ms Rabit, and or everything but late to dinner. If you enjoy this slightly warped sense of humor check this out.

Recently her interests have expanded into surface and textile design.

Marik describes herself whose work is adaptive and unique. She is a digital artist and an analog artist in watercolor, acrylics and paper art.

After five decades working in graphic design, award winning quilt making, winning awards as a silk-screen artist and creating prize winning professional Illustration, her individual style evolved from a lifetime commitment to creativity.

​Colors, sometimes shapes, even moods or ideas influence her work. This process is influenced by classic movements and styles. Including Abstract Expressionism, Color Field Painting, Expressionism, Constructivism, and Digital Art.


Her fascination with Color Field Painting  combines well with her expressionistic work. Color, line and shape area primary elements in all her work. She uses symbolism to capture ideas including existential interpretations of philosophical She often  tries to capture images of the natural world.

Marik works in analog and digital media. She is also a writer, which might explain why everything she makes has a story. Her images are meant to have value in what they mean as well as how they look.She explores color, line, texture, and how these elements influence the viewer.


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