A secret world,
a hidden talent,
an unlikely alliance.
Welcome to the world of Sanctuary.

The Fae Wars - Grace Notes, Book 1

Red Haired Girl, cover of Grace Notes

Lunabel has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. Jeremy Fields, needs to know it. What happens next is magic. The small town of Thornhill, Illinois, exists at the edge of an ancient forest where the last of the fae nations have created their Sanctuary. In this fantasy series of blending cultures, and the shifting realities between things that are known and not yet known, trust must persevere despite taboos and fears of betrayal. And life and love must find a way…
Strong female characters, amazing magical creatures, a smattering of real science that is stranger than fiction and is cleverly disguised as magic.

old picture of tree

Long before the early settlers claimed the Wild Woods the land was claimed by the fae. Rodandar, the tree tenders, gathered to the call of the ancient trees. And the rest followed. Sanctuary, the forest the fae claim as their own, exists in a overlapping dimesions between three states. If the area is noted on a map the borders are never fixed.

Just across the river from Santuary, in the human realm, is a tame pretty place

Join the team of heroic human girls and the world of the inexplicable fae. Expect magic, magic disguised as science, a war between good and evil, life and chaos,love and courage.

 The Fae Wars – CANTATA, book 2

Lunabel has spent her life keeping a low profile. Now her secrets are threatened by the attention of a stranger. Jeremy Fields is a Fae who straddles two worlds and struggles with his own secrets. While they try to balance their mutual wariness with their growing attraction, something sinister slips out of the forest and into the town of Thornhill. Lunabel and Jeremy must trust each other in order to stop a murderer who targets magic and human folk in the overlapping realms between Fae and contemporary rural America.


Books #3,#4 and #5 will be released this year! Cohort in June, Javalin in July, and Bond Fires by late 2020.  If you want exact dates and details sign up for Marik’s Story Mages and download a free 92 page companion book.

Cohort, Book 3

In order to keep Lunabel’s mind off his approaching geas, a vow that must be kept on pain of death, Jeremy tells her his story, his place in the royalty of Sanctuary and the 350 years he spent training on the dimension of Hudan.

He becomes a fae Scheherazade, night after night. In the meantime things are getting more dangerous for the creatures in the Forest and the town of Thornhill as Samhain approaches.

cover of book 3 in the fae wars series by Marik Berghs

Cohort, book 3

Javalin, Book 4

Jelly Jones is Lunabel’s best friend an athelete with the heart of a lion. Her talent is so impressive it catches the eye of her trainer the 400 year-old trainer, Merlynn. While Lunabel would use any excuse to ditch her physical training, Jelly lives for the challenge. Meanwhile her feelings for Merlynn confuse her. She is an empath and has spent most of her life avoiding other creature’s emotions. Can she open herself to the plights of Sanctuary and still keep her feelings locked inside.


Bond Fires, Book 5

The friends, human and fae, have become brothers and sisters in-arms, having faced their deepest fears they are ready to take on the Lord of the Hunt, thw Winter King. The coercive powers of the king are the strongest in the universe, and he will weild it against any challengers. While he wants to corrupt Jeremy and seduce him to become a dark knight, he has no compunction in killing Jeremy if he refuses.

Lunabel and the rest of the fae, use their unique talents if they hope to save Jeremy and their Sanctuary.

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The Fae Wars Companion, is in PDF format, full color and 92 pages of notes and images from the world of Sanctuary.

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