I have one foot in the real world and the other–well the jury’s still out on that. Like many people, I read where my interests take me and that might be in any genre or several at once, like mysteries, thrillers, literary writing, paranormal and fantasy fiction. I read lots of non-fiction, because if you don’t read you can’t write, right? I am part artist and part writer. This slows me down because I visualize my characters so strongly I have to create them in more than words. I flip between one way of seeing

to another. I love folklore, cultural traditions, the weird ways we create taboo and prejudice. I also remember the painful transition from adolescsence to adulthood,this is what I write in The Fae Wars series.

I hope to offer the reader an immersive adventure in the fantasy world of Sanctuary, through The Fae Wars series, five books, companion pieces, and trailers. Look for the last three books and the complete companion piece in 2010.

In the meantime I have this trailer that will introduce you to Sanctuary.



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