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What are Raging Rabit NFT collections and why should you care?


First, Rabit is not misspelled. You might say his name is Mr. Rabit Rabbit. He’s raging because he comes from the Zombie Dolls collection, first collection dropped. You can look the story up under

Let’s not split hares. Next the Raging Rabit is the brand name for NFTs created by me, Marik Berghs. Raging Rabit collections are limited, with no more than 10 editions per token. Of course, the ultra-rare tokens are 1/1.


What is Raging Rabit’s mission?


Raging Rabit's mission is to create art. Every collection has a backstory, something that sparks a connection, a response, a laugh or maybe it’s thought provoking. I want to make the world a happier and lots prettier. I want to amuse and amaze. I want to create unique limited collections and rare and unique NFTs. and because I explore eclectic interests, expect small, varied collections in diverse styles, content, color palettes and stories.


Does Raging Rabit have a plan?


Absolutely, check out our road map. Doable and exciting, don’t miss it.


Ten percent of token sold, minus the fee to rarible will be donated to the charity the buyer choses. The list of 174 non profit foundation to chose from address every social need I could think of in the US. It is up to you to check  into the charity and make sure they suit your ideals and appear to be legitimate. I won't vette your choice but will send the money directly to them. 

What platform, and blockchain will you offer minting on?


For now, Raging Rabit can be found at Rarible, lazy minting on the Polygon blockchain. I will update my website when new platforms are added. I chose the Polygon blockchain for two reasons, minting price and environmental impact.


Does Raging Rabit have a team?


No, I am it. It is not a project and doesn't have trading cards or thousands of tokens. Sole owner and sole creator. Remember, I want to create small, limited collections? Good news for you, if you are a collector.


What does “limited collection” mean?


My collections have a limited number of designs. Most collections are less than 15 up to 20 designs. Each design will be available to mint 10 times, with ultra-rare pieces available for one mint.


What royalties will you get?

I will take 5% royalties.

What about minting and gas fees?

Minting fees: I use lazy minting on Rarible partly for environmental reasons and partly because I am just starting and want to see how much the process works. Depending on sale price and minting price I may choose to refund a portion of gas fees.


What does a collection or an edition have to offer?


Ownership of all files, digital properties in whatever format requested. In cases of multiple editions, rights are shared, with other buyers. Some pieces have unlockable physical goods, to be determined by the price at minting.

In the case of bonus unlocked rewards, the buyer can choose to receive physical reproductions, also limited to buyers only, of their minted item. For example, they receive matted artwork, decals, T-shirts, or other physical work.


What constitutes ownership of an NFT?


Ownership follows the copyright. My art is unique and original and I own all the rights to it. This means when you buy the NFT the rights to use the NFT as you chose, are transferred to you. I retain the use of the image for advertising purposes. IF you agree. An authenticity document will be available on request, document states when the art was created and sold and who the rights belonged and what rights are transferred to whom. In case of multiple multiple editions of each token will be included too. The authentication information about which edition from how many available is yours. I know this information is also on the blockchain, but unless you love data diving a printed (or digital document) of authorization is more accessible. If you want an authenticity document let me know within 14 days.


How will collections be dropped?


To start I will release four designs from a collection at a time. Each week another 4 designs in the collection are dropped, four at a time, until all the designs in the collection are dropped. Then a new collection will be dropped, also four at a time.


Where can I see the NFTs before they are dropped?


Twitter: @mariksdesigns

Instagram: @marikshouse

Every token has a story, funny or serious, the story is a part of the token.