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What are Raging Rabit NFT collections and why should you care?


First, Rabit is not misspelled. You might say his name is Mr. Rabit Rabbit. He’s raging because he comes from the Zombie Dolls the toys that had been stuck in the attic for sixty years. You might say it was, his break-out role.

Let’s not split hares, spelling is a taste of the reader. Raging Rabit is the brand name for art, cypto art,  NFTs created by Marik Berghs. At this time Raging Rabit collections are limited to single tokens per design.

What is Raging Rabit’s mission?


Raging Rabit's mission is to create art. Every piece has a backstory, something that sparks a connection, a response, a laugh or maybe provokes a thought.

"I want to make the world a happier, prettier and more thoughtful place. I want to amuse and amaze."

Raging Rabit NFTs, are one off editions.  Curious is our style. What if, is our mantra.


Does Raging Rabit have a plan?


Yes, Marik's aesthetic and personal feeling and thoughts as expressed as art is her brand. After many years of producing work for other people, companies, government, she reached a place in  life where she can "do my own stuff." She plans to produce for the rest of her life, chaneling some of her favorite artists, (the ususal supects, Van Gogh, Fumiko Hori, Aubrey Beardsley, Whistler, Klimpt,

What platform, and blockchain will you offer minting on?


For now, Raging Rabit can be found at Rarible, lazy minting on the Polygon blockchain. I will update my website when new platforms are added. I chose the Polygon blockchain for two reasons, minting price and environmental impact.

Does Raging Rabit have a team?


Rabit designs does not produce a "project" and doesn't have trading cards or thousands of tokens. Marik Berghs is the owner and sole creator. She's arround for the long haul, which is greata news  if you are a collector. As time goes on Raging Rabit may represent other artist with a similar vision, small, exclusive, original.

What does a collection or an edition have to offer?


When a sale of a token takes place the owner receives all files, digital properties in whatever format requested. Some pieces also have unlockable physical goods, to be determined by the sale price.

In the case of bonus unlocked rewards, the buyer can choose to receive physical reproductions, which are limited to buyers of the minted item. The buyer may receive matted artwork of the token, decals, T-shirts, or other physical work. TBD


What constitutes ownership of an NFT?


Ownership follows the copyright. Raging Rabit's art is unique and original and RR owns all the rights to the art. This means when you buy a rare NFT, the rights to use the NFT as you chose, are transferred to you. Your OCA will state that RR is transferring ownership of the copy rights to you. The artist retains the right to use the image for advertising purposes, only.


An authenticity document will be available on request, each document will state when the art was created and sold and to whom the rights belong. All sales are recorded on the blockchain. If you want an authenticity document you must contact RR within 14 days.


Where can I see the NFTs before they are dropped?


Contact Information



Twitter: @mariksdesigns

Instagram: @marikshouse