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About Chickens, Rabbits, and Marik's Art


Marik Berghs, works in analog and digital media.

She is also a writer, which might explain why everything she makes has a story. Her images are meant to have value in what they mean as well as how they look.

An avid Quilter, Marik often designs in collections. Her grouped designs can be interpreted in fabric, perfect on multiple items, in paper or fabric.

Marik's work explores color, line, and texture and how they influence the viewer. She favors softer images, art that induces a feeling of serenity. Every image she finishes has to pass the "could I live with this as a huge painting over my bed" test. And "If I were in a room with a chair and a bookcase, sitting across from my art would it enhance my level of serenity?" Then there is the other side of her, the side that loves to shake things up.

Mostly she enjoys making pretty things and imaging how they can be used.


Yup, this is Marik's glamour shot.

Rabit, the rabbit, isn't really raging, she's just drawn that way. Her heart is in the right...oops, wait, her heart isn't in the right place! Probably ripped from her alter ego after one too many Photoshop program updates.

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