Rabit, the rabbit, isn't really raging, he's just drawn that way. HIs heart is in the right...wait, his heart isn't in the right place!

About Raging Rabit NFTs and Marik Berghs


Yup, this is Marik's glamour shot. "Bad Hair Day" from the Ultra Rare collection.


Marik Berghs, works in analog and digital media. She attended classes at three schools, focussing on fine art, graphic design and printing. A lifelong learner, she's is rarely without some class or course of study that stimulates her style of expression or influences her aethetic.


She is also a writer, which might explain why everything she makes has a story. Her NFTs are meant to have value in what they mean as well as how they look.

Check out Raging Rabit's whitepaper and roadmap. Not only do these NFTs have a history they have a future as well.

Marik is exploring color, line, and shape and how they influence moods. She favors softer images, art that induces a feeling of serenity. Every image she finishes has to pass the "could I live with this as a huge painting over my bed" test. And "If I were in a room with a chair and a bookcase, sitting across from my art would it enhance my level of serenity?"