Yup, this is my glamour shot. Check out the Ultra Rare collection

NFTs: Sold on Rarible, polygon block chain, lazy minting. See Whitepaper regarding possible refund of partial minting fees.

Files are in 300 DPI, RGB, can be in Jpg, PNG, or the file type you want. Maybe reduced to smaller DPI, upon request.

About Me

I am an artist and writer, I studied classical art disciplines as well as graphic design, advertising art, and working in analog media. My art is a mixture of all my background and interests . Now I work predominantly in digital art and NFTs are a way to put my art out there. 

When I explore a concept, or experiment in a new style,  I tend to work in collections, a series of tokens around a theme. There are stories behind my art. Count on long term expansion of a collection. Check out my whitepaper.  

And my Roadmap.

I am blessed with the opportunity of making a living with the skills of my training and my passion. In our changing world I am keenly aware of how some careers, jobs, and traditional family livelihoods are becoming obsolete. And the most I believe that if people are trained to create the products, that are replacing their jobs which have become no longer viable, they rise above their poverty. Their financial opportunities will balance the disparity in our economic landscape. This follows the old adage, which still applies, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. 

I love the programs that help set up small businesses, especially women owned businesses, in third world countries. I decided I want to help the same kind of effort in our depressed areas. So 10% of every token price will be donated directly to one of these charities. The charitable non profit money will be chosen from the list, by the buyer of the token. 


If you're wondering why the *Rabit is Raging, Check out the Zombie Dolls collection.