The Fae Wars

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Lunabel has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. Jeremy Fields, needs to know it. What happens next is magic. The small town of Thornhill, Illinois, exists at the edge of an ancient forest where the last of the Fae nations have created their Sanctuary. In this fantasy series of blending cultures, and the shifting realities between things that are known and not yet known, trust must persevere despite taboos and fears of betrayal. And life and love must find a way…

Red Haired Girl, cover of Grace Notes

A story for every person who’s ever felt “different”. These books are for you if you’ve ever felt like an outsider, or have ever believed that you’ve had to hide a part of yourself, to be accepted.

If you love fairy tales, folklore, mythology or creatures from your favorite dreams and worst nightmares, prepare to enter Sanctuary.

“The Fae Wars” series is an epic fantasy series. Based on the ancient Scottish fairy tale of Tamlin. The five book series features two human girls searching for their place in the world. One has a voice that can shatter glass, and the other is a six-foot athlete of inexplicable strength and grace. They must reveal secrets to each other and accept what they have been hiding to themselves to realize their destinies. 

Young adult and up, sweet romance, appealing to older “girls” as well. Strong female characters, amazing magical creatures, a smattering of real science that is stranger than fiction and is cleverly disguised as magic.

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