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Design is a way of life. I have used many mediums and studied the styles of artists whose work has touched me in some way.

I continue to explore.


My collections that are mostly representational include, sheep, flora, chickens, seasonal, flamingos,

I recently learned that sloths aren't always happy, despite their smiling appearance. They prefer to avoid large groups of people. Their reputations for being slow is well earned though,  sometimes they move so slowly they grow moss in their fur. I find these fascinating creatures, which is why I included them in my quadaped collection - a collection of various mammal species. What else could you name a collection of such diverse creatures?"

Abstract collection: colors and shapes that suggest nothing at all. Juxtaposition of elements form a pleasing non-representational art.

Expressionism: a collection of existential philosophies. Angular shapes, flattened forms, garish colors. Ideas in color and shape felt like the most conducive to my concepts.

Color Blocks: inspired by the work of Marc Rothko. Blocks of color arranged and brushed to evoke emotion without a narrative of symbols or shapes. The colors are meant to evoke a response from a subconsious level.

There are themes and favorite subjects I explore, as well as art styles.  When I was younger, line fascinated me. I drew the outside of my subject. But as I matured my interests shifted to a looser style, while still representational, the scope of my work focused on  color and shapes. I looked for impressions.

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