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​The Gutenbergproject thousands of free books.   

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​Most writers use anachronistic sayings from time to time but did you know that Shakespeare's writing contained some  great examples of this foible. 

Need a tool to check your work for originality? Plagiarism Checker allows you to drop your work into their website and gives you a free report in seconds.

This site Literary Devices is a fun place to learn about the tools writers use in their writing. A dictionary and a tip sheet in one. Check it out.

Here's a fun link: Stephanie Fowers Glossary of Faery Terms

A link to the Dictionary of the Mountain Men, another language for sure. 

New York Times article onStrange and Secret Peoples

And now for something unexpected a site that deals with the logic of critical thinking. 

Skeptics unite! For critical thinkers

Are you looking for other books similar to Sanctuary? Want to find ways to get free or promotional ebooks that are not pirated? Check out the Sanctuary-for-the-soul blog. 

  • Free books that are not pirated.
  • Reviews of the best of Fantasy series (and some books that are just awesome)
  • Learn how to get involved with authors and their work.
  • Weigh in with your opinions and make your wants and needs in fantasy fiction known.​​

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