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Book 2 of the Fae Wars. series. Lunabel has spent her life trying to stay under the radar by keeping a low profile. Her anonymity is threatened by the attention of an intriguing stranger, Jeremy Fields, a Fae who straddles two worlds and struggles with his own secrets.

To save Lunabel's life Jeremy orders the other Fae not to interfere. He has learned not to demand that Lunabel do anything, especially not to demand that she not help. She wouldn't listen even if it killed her —and it could. In the meantime something sinister has slipped out of Sanctuary and into the town of Thornhill. Lunabel and Jeremy are dedicated to finding a murderer before he claims any more victims. A psycho path targets Fae and human folk and magic is rampant in the overlapping realms between Fae and modern small ltown America.

If Jelly Jones were Fae, she would be a Valkyrie, but she is just a seventeen-year old girl with the heart of a lion and the athletic prowess of a demi-goddess. She is also Lunabel's best friend.

Jelly is known for being inexplicable. She has a reason for her aloofness. Even Lunabel doesn't know her story . When Jelly lets Lunabel into her life she is unprepared for what happens, including the special and frustrating attention of a legendary  Fae warrior.

Sanctuary is on alert as the days of the Queen's season passes. The Wilde Hunt is gaining power and as the year turns towards Samhain, Lunabel is desperate to

rescue Jeremy from the fate his father has demanded.

Lunabel is determined to move their relationship to the next level, but Jeremy knows that if he gives in Lunabel will be in mortal danger. 

Hoping to distract Lunabel, each night, Jeremy tells the story of how a rejected half-blood  child turns into the leader of the most elite Cohort of 

Fae history.

Grace Notes
Book 1 of the Fae Wars. Lunabel has a secret she doesn't want anyone to know. Jeremy Fields needs to know it and what happens is magic.


In the small town of Thornhill, Illinois, which exists at the edge of an ancient forest  the last of the Fae nations have created their Sanctuary.

In this high fantasy series of blending cultures, and the shifting realities between things that are known and not yet known, trust must persevere despite taboos and fears of betrayal. And life and love must find a way...

Strong female characters, amazing magical creatures, a smattering of science that is stranger than fiction and cleverly disguised as magic.

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