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Grace Notes is the first in the series of 11 books. 

  • Grace Notes
  • Contata

To be released soon

  • Javelin
  • Cohort

Coming in 2018

  • Bond Fires
  • Hellhound (a prequel)
  • ​A light in the Forest

Marik Berghs, Author Fantasy

Though epic fantasy is meant to be stirring and uplifting, At Mess of Geckos we believe life or what passes for life should be laced with humor—though you may not find it humorous. Fighting evil is tough work and keeping a girl with Lunabel's caloric challenges met can be taxing as she vibrates with sound, and movement burns fuel.

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Since the first story teller painted on the first cave wall, humans have found inspiration, wonder, and hope, in fiction. So, even though my site is sprinkled with resources and links to facts and non fiction, everything on it is intended to support the medium of storytelling.

The Sanctuary Series:

Eons ago, the Fae of the world, beings of cultures and tribes long forgotten, gathered in an ancient place. Known as Thornhill Forest by the inhabitants of the small town of Thornhill,  the Fae denizens called the forest— Sanctuary. In its shifting dimension, located in the modern world, somewhere between the boundaries of Fae and the southern tip of  Illinois, an epic battle is brewing between Light and Dark, Rebirth and Death, Order and Chaos. The lives of human and Fae beings  hang in the balance, dependent on the courage and power of a  few special humans and some very extraordinary Fae.

Lunabel O'Hara is a seventeen-year old human, who can use her voice to charm the winds or blow objects to smithereens.  When she meets Jeremy Fields, a half-breed Fae prince, recalled from banishment to find his  half-sister, the scene for a relationship of multidimensional proportions is set in play.

Jeremy's sister Piri, the heir to the title of Summer Queen, has disappeared and with her, the hope of her people. Jeremy knows that he needs Lunabel to bring Piri home. He's just not sure how she can help.

And Lunabel wonders if she can trust the stranger, who is more than he pretends to be.  Their uneasy alliance must enlist the help and loyalty of the  reclusive  Jelly Jones;  six plus feet of muscle and grace, and an athlete of seemingly 'magic' prowess, and the mysterious Miss Annie Thornhill. 

They are aided  by  Jeremy's Cohort of elite warriors, the deadly Merlynn, the genius trickster Hyperion, and a cast of Pillywiggens, El'Vanin, Ferrishers, Rodande, a Troll and other uniquely talented Fae

Their relationships are tested by the prejudices of the Fae, the ignorance of the humans and the insecurities of every young being when confronted with their hidden fears, their greatest hopes and their deepest beliefs.

A new edition of Grace Notes is available now, as is the second book in the series—Cantata. Cohort and Javelin, books three and four in the Sanctuary series, will be available in fall of 2017.